In Firefighting there is an event that occurs when the fire reaches a temperature that causes all things to ignite at once.
In Sports the same event occurs when the excitement of the spectators combines with the players intensity of the game resulting in a

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Flashover Indoor is a Multi Sport Turf Facility, with an Arcade, Party /Meeting Room, Party Packages & Child Development Program. It is a family owned local business that after years of education in the indoor sports industry was opened by Cheryl and Brent Lauer to serve a need in the Hancock County area. We are proud to offer to our community an opportunity to have indoor real turf sports for the first time. We have spared no expense in our facility by providing the best infill turf using EPDM filler that is NOT made of recycled materials. EPDM uses 20% virgin non-latex rubber and 80% chalk and synthetic materials.  Your safety as well as our own is of the utmost importance. We assure our customers that we are a family owned and operated business that treats our customers as family.

Brent & Cheryl

We are striving to meet the demands of our community!





It is very important to us that all customers feel welcomed and well served at our facility. "Can do, Will do." If we can do it, we will do it, our commitment to you.