Winter Session: 6 Week session Rates:
2-5 year old classes: Tuesdays @ 6 pm
6-14 year old classes: Saturdays @ 11 am
Rates are prorated so join at anytime!

Locker Soccer Academy Mobile Unit

Give us a call to start a Locker Soccer Academy Program at your Day Care or School

Save Time & Money

With the classes offered at the daycare or school during the day while parents are at work, they won't have to make extra trips to find and attend soccer or sports program elsewhere. It saves time and the added cost for gas plus care wear and tear. 

Increases Family Togetherness & bonding

Because there's one less after school sports practice to transport the kids to, the family will be able to spend more time together. ‚Äč



Locker Soccer Academy is a one-of-a-kind soccer program developed to provide a dynamic environment where children can develop soccer skills, social skills, coordination, confidence and self-esteem built on a solid foundation of fun. 

The programs you'll find at Locker Soccer span a broad range of ages and abilities. Session after session, year after year, parents watch with amazement as their children not only evolve their abilities on the soccer field, but watch them grow  in confidence both socially and athletically.

We attribute this growth to having a very experienced staff and an approach to learning that starts with making sure kids have fun as they continue to succeed. In the end, continued participation is key, be it in soccer or anything else in life. If your child is enjoying it, they will continue to play.